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Motorola Team Radio Link Solution

Total Enterprise Access and Mobility (TEAM) Radio Link Solution (RLS)

The TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) enables enterprises with existing two-way radio systems to extend their PTT talk group communications to TEAM devices. Available as an optional module for the TEAM VoWLAN solution, or as a stand-alone system, the RLS lets both two-way radio users and TEAM device users reach more colleagues, further enhancing responsiveness and productivity, while leveraging existing IT infrastructure.

The TEAM Radio Link Solution (RLS) Express leverages Motorola’s expertise in robust Push to Talk (PTT) solutions. Enterprises with two-way radio systems can extend their communications capabilities by deploying the RLS. The RLS enables two-way radio users to communicate with users of TEAM Express enabled devices, allowing an enterprise to provide the right device for every employee while maintaining communications between groups of users.


The optional TEAM RLS module utilizes the TEAM Feature appliance (this is the same hardware used for the TEAM VoWLAN solution Wireless Services Manager(WSM) ), which together with the Radio Interface Unit (RIU), act as a gateway to two-way radio donor devices.

The donors function as transceivers to field radio devices, The RLS application simply bridges the radio communications to TEAM VoWLAN and TEAM Express field devices. The stand-alone TEAM RLS Express solution functions similarly, and uses the same hardware appliance and RIU as the integrated RLS, but does not include TEAM VoWLAN capabilities or require PBX integration

Extensive interoperability

The TEAM RLS delivers PTT interoperability between two-way radios and TEAM VoWLAN smartphones and TEAM Express enabled devices (including a broad range of Motorola mobile computers and TEAM Badges (EWB100)), allowing different workers and work groups to use the best device for their specific needs while maintaining interoperability with other workers and work groups with different devices.

High performance

Audio and signal processing are handled in real time to deliver rapid and reliable connectivity as well as superior audio quality.

Leverage existing investments

The optional TEAM RLS module shares the same appliance as the TEAM VoWLAN WSM, minimizing hardware expense and space required. The stand-alone TEAM RLS Express also utilizes this hardware, making future extension to TEAM VoWLAN a software only* upgrade. The TEAM RLS also allows enterprises to use their existing two-way radios and Motorola mobile computers.

Focused communications

TEAM RLS accommodates up to 8 talk groups (requires 2 Radio Interface Units (RIU)), enabling enterprises to target communications to the right users

Full Duplex

Building to Building

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